Go Getters Club Progress Card

Your Progress Card MUST be completed before booking a call with Don after the first month. It won't be needed for the 1st call.

One of the things I see as lacking in most people's business is being accountable to themselves, their spouse/partner, and their upline mentor.  The Progress Card will definitely keep you on track and accountable and in charge of a growing business.

When you run your business building effort without knowing your monthly numbers, you're cheating yourself and any others that you should be accountable to.

To illustrate this, can you immediately answer the following numbers?

How many calls did you make last month?
How many presentations did you complete?
How many follow-ups did you complete?
How many new people did you recruit?

Without having that data at your fingertips you cannot see where you're doing well and where you need to focus your effort.

For example, if you called 300 people last month and got 150 presentations, I would say that's a pretty good effort and you're doing very well on calls.

If out of those 150 presentations you only got 10 followups I'd have to say there is a problem in your presentation are and work is needed to improve it.

I hope you are beginning to see what a great tool the Progress Card is.

Please share a copy of your latest Progress card with me when we meet for our monthly Zoom call.

Download the Progress card PDF below. To make sure you don't lose any functionality (fillable fields and auto calculation), we recommend using Adobe Reader (Click Here To Download Adobe Reader). It will also work on the desktop version your Chrome browser.

Fill-out the information every day and save it to you computer. If you are using the
 Adobe reader the numbers will auto calculate. Alternatively, if you prefer to do this the old fashion way you can print the document and use a pen.

After booking your meeting with Don, make sure to email him your progress card ([email protected]) so you can both go over your progress. If you printed the PDF, simply scan it or take a picture (it has to be readable) then email it to Don.

GGC Progress Card