Finally a proven solution to prevent you failing in MLM

Who Else Is Frustrated With Constantly Failing At Network Marketing? You’re Not Alone.  Did You Know 97% Of Networkers Will Fail.  3% Will Succeed.  Which Group Do You Want To Be In?

HINT: If You Are Doing The Same As Most Networkers You Are In The 97% Group Who Will Fail. 

Don Reid

Hi.  I’m Don Reid.  I used to be a failed business owner. Luckily, I figured out the steps to success and became a top earner in a MLM company in only 90 days!.  Now I work with Network Marketers to help them achieve real success, their dreams and happiness.

I can help you too, but first allow me to ask you these simple questions: 

  • Are you sick and tired of being in network marketing but having a small or no group to show after months of being in the business?
  • Are you frustrated that you still do not earn enough money to quit your crappy job and tell your jerk boss to take a hike?
  • Are you afraid you’re going to quit or fail and never make it in network marketing?
  • Is it embarrassing that all your friends and family think you’re a loser in that MLM thing?
  • Do you feel there is something missing in how you do the business which is holding you back from success?
  • Have you ever wished someone would take a real interest in you and your business and help you get the personal and business growth needed to reach your dreams of freedom?

If You Answered YES To Any Of These Questions, Then Here’s Some Good News For You:  You May Qualify To Join the Go Getters Club,  But You Have To Do Things Differently.  Are You Prepared To Make Some Changes?

I’ve been involved with Network Marketing since 1992.  During that time I built two successful businesses.  The first was done the “old school” way and the second was done using the tools of the internet.  

In the second business I happened to be the fastest person to ever go from signup to the prestigious Diamond Level.  It took me only 90 days! That’s still an unbeaten record.

I learnt a lot building both businesses and know I can help you turn your business around fast and help you reach your dreams and goals.  In fact, both methods combined, taught me the secrets to Network Marketing success. I will share everything you need to know.

You need to know the secrets to be a 3 percenter and I want to share them with you, but first I need to know if I’m talking to the right person.  I don’t want to waste this wisdom on time wasters, lazy people, people who are unteachable and those not willing to be humble and learn.

Stop - IS it for you ?
  • If you already think you know how to build a networking business this is not for you.
  • If you reckon you already know how to make MLM prospecting calls cause you worked in a sales job, then this is not for you.
  • If you think reading the company product catalogue is working then this is not for you.
  • If you think watching TV instead of working is OK, this is not for you.
  • If you’re too proud or afraid to call your upline for help, then this is not for you.
  • If you refuse to learn the lessons of success, then this is not for you.
  • If you think reading self help, personal development and business books is a waste of time, this is not for you.

OK, So Who Is This For?

The Go Getters Club is for people truly willing to pay the price to succeed. 

All success takes work, focus and unrelenting effort.  No more slacking off to watch Netflix.  No more going out to a bar to get hammered with your friends, no more lying around on the couch on the weekends.  

Ongoing, focused, productive effort!

But before we get into that,  the biggest secret you need to know is all successful people start with a dream.

Now I understand you might be a real pragmatic person and you don’t like to even use the world dream.  You’re all about the business.

Well, let me tell you this:

If You Don’t Have A Big Dream You’re Not Going To Do The Work

It’s as simple as that my friend.  No dream, no success

What Is The Go Getters Club Exactly?

The GGC is a safe place for members to have free, unlimited access to all our specialist Networking Marketing training. 

GGC members also receive a constant supply of Phone Interviewed Leads.  These are truly the “gold standard” when it comes to MLM Leads. We challenge you to find better leads anywhere.

The Go Getters Club is the only club of it's kind dedicated to giving you everything you need to build your business fast.  Having these checks, balances and fun built in makes sure you will stay on track and finally make it to your dream lifestyle.

As a GGC member you will begin to see results immediately and the aim is for you to be financially free or as close as possible, in 12 months from joining.  

Just that alone should get you excited and anxious to join.  Now you know everyday you are not a member is a day without your freedom and dream lifestyle. 

It would be irresponsible for me to guarantee your results because I don’t know you (yet) and who knows if you’re all talk or an actual Go Getter.  

But I can say this; without proper training you are pretty much guaranteed to not make it.  That’s something I know for sure. The alternative to being a member is failure.

It’s a fact proven over and over in MLM, you need training, you need to be held accountable for the work you do and you need to practice self development.

These are not things pulled out of the air, they are proven to be part of the steps to success.  Being a member of GGC will force you to improve and comply.  The alternative is failure.

Recap Of What You Get Inside GGC

  • 30% Extra Leads On All Lead Packages - As a GGC Member you will receive the worlds best Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads.  Rather than the standard package, you will receive an extra 30% of leads added to your package for no extra cost.   You will be offered a selection of two very popular packages.
  • Priority Lead Delivery of the Worlds best Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads. - These leads first completed an online form.  Then our own professional Call Center phoned them and interviewed them.  They had to pass the interview to be considered a lead.  We recorded every call and can provide you with copies of the recordings.
  • Goal Planning - Nobody ever became a success without setting goals.  To remain a member of GGC you need to complete your goal setting and you need to hit the goals every month.  That will absolutely guarantee you move close to your goals every month.
  • Exclusive, members only training - These member only trainings will reveal secrets that I have not shared anywhere else.  They can easily make the difference between success and failure. 
  • Free access to training courses that are normally paid - Inside the GGC the courses are yours for free. This alone offers you a considerable real money saving and helps you build your business faster.
  • If you think reading self help, personal development and business books is a waste of time, this is not for you.

No Bad Lead Guarantee

We all know that sometimes leads can’t be contacted.  10% Overage of Phone Interviewed leads is given to you for free to cover any bad leads.

All the risk is on us, you can focus on building your business and getting closer to your dreams and goals

Fast Action Bonus

No Limits By Don Reid

This bonus for fast action takers is for a limited time only.  Remember I told you I built one of my MLM businesses, the “old school” way?  

Well I put together a step by step course on exactly how to do it and guess what, it works gangbusters these days too!  

This course shows you how you actually have an unlimited supply of prospects.  The course shows you exactly how to qualify them easily and unobtrusively so people don’t even know you’re doing it

Discover my entire library of prospecting and follow up scripts.  

Learn how and when to get your prospect and your upline onto a 3-way call.  

The No Limits course is normally $97 but for a limited time only I’m including it in your Go Getters Club Membership

It’s Your Call Now

Now it’s up to you.  You can continue on down the road to failure , doing the same things you have been doing and remain in the 97% who will fail in MLM in the next 12 months.


You can accept that you need to do things differently if you truly want success in your network marketing business.  GGC gives you the framework to build your success. 

  • You will have the best leads in the world.
  • You will have goals.
  • You will have structure.
  • You will be accountable.
  • You will be trained.
  • You will become a leader
  • You will succeed

So choose now, do you want failure or do you want success?

Beach Lifestyle

You can be here this time next year

Why Is The Pricing So Low?

That’s a great question.  The GGC is very new and not all members area features have been put in place.  We’re still building some features.  So we figured, rather than wait until all the lights were green, we would get going on this now.  So we have reduced the pricing and you will never face any price rises.  You’re locked in at today's low prices until you decide you don’t need us anymore.  Probably because you have become rich and famous.  

So lock in the low prices, start seeing results today and be free in 12 months time

Time To Put Your Hand Up

Do you really want to be free and on the beach of your choice in 12 months?

Yes, I realize this is not for everyone and that’s fine.  I’m looking for committed people who truly want to get out of this mess alive and free.

People who are ready and willing to do the work, make the calls, learn the skills and commit to doing it EVERY MONTH from now and for the next 12 Months.  Because next year we’re all going to be on the beaches!!!

Put your hand up and get access to the Go Getters Club packages by clicking the button below