How To Prevent Autoship Being a Drama

If you haven’t already experienced resistance to Autoship, you will, it’s just a matter of time.

Often new people have no idea why they should commit to Autoship.  They feel like they are locked in and won’t be able to escape.  

They can definitely feel pressured if you are not careful and explain Autoship in an easy to understand way.

First off you need to understand why Autoship is important to the company and to you.  Autoship let's the company know how much stock is required to fulfill orders.  It also allows the company to count on a minimum amount of cash flowing into their bank account each month.  

They need that to plan for the future.

Autoship to you, helps keep you qualified for all those monthly income payments.  

Look, no one wants to feel like they are “on the hook” for autoship payments.  So you need to explain it in a way that definitely helps them see it as a benefit (which it is).

You could say something along the lines of:

You: OK Bob, let's get you started on some of our fine products.

Bob:  How much does it cost?

You: That depends on your choice.  There is a one off package so you can sample the products and get used to them.  It’s a little more expensive than the Autoship package. (Sometimes Autoship is Called Standing Order)

Bob: Hows that work?

You:  Well, the company wants you to be on Autoship because then you’re always going to qualify for a check each month.  We are on Autoship because then we don’t need to think about it.  We just know it will turn up on the same day each month.  

We can focus on building the business instead of spending time ordering the products.

Also the autoship comes with a discounted price so it makes sense economically as well.  You’re not locked in and can cancel at any time.

Makes sense right?

Bob: Yeah it does, how much is it?

You: The one off package is $57 but you will need to order it again next month to qualify for a check.  The Autoship is only $47 and you never have to be concerned about forgetting to order and missing out on your qualifying payments. 

Which way do you want to go Bob?

Bob:  Let's go with the Autoship

That’s called a buying signal, Bob is ready to order now, so help him go through setting up his autoship.

By explaining it to Bob you have made it easy for him to choose a product pack that suits him.  Obviously, we want Bob to go with the Autoship.

You have not pressured Bob and you have been open and honest and explained both options clearly to him