3 Business Killers

You Must Overcome to Succeed

Yes, that’s a pretty scary headline, what makes it even scarier is it’s 100% true.  According to professional industry associations, including the Direct Selling Association, 95% of Network Marketing businesses fail.

But before we get into the biggest business killers let’s rewind a little.

You remember when you first saw the business opportunity that you’re now in?  Sure you do, everyone does.  It’s like when you lose your virginity.  It’s pretty exciting (well I hope it was) and you’re pretty sure you want more of it (once again, I hope so)

You’re keen to get this business up and running.  You see yourself as finally being able to do all those things, you’ve always dreamed of.  You see your family in that big old house like the Beverly Hillbillies bought out in Californy.

You can hear the engine purring on your new Mercedes as you chat with your partner about where you’re going to vacation next month.  Will it be Rome or Barcelona?  Screw it you say, let's just spend a year in Europe.  

(We will assume this is happening after the vaccine has vanquished the pandemic.)

But, hold the phone there my friend.  

None of those things are going to happen until you work like a vaccine and vanquish the 3 Business Killers!

All the excitement and enthusiasm in the world is not going to do it, you’re going to need to listen up and figure out exactly how to do it.  (Don’t worry, I can help you, I just don’t want to spoil the surprise yet )

The 3 killers are going to make you feel like it’s all too hard, all too complicated and it’s time for you to quit.  Well guess what kid, this happens to EVERYONE not just you,  so clearly there are ways to be strong and beat these killers.  (You can do it, so hang in there)

Without further delay, here are the 3 Business Killers:

Killer 1

Business Killer 1: Financial


You need to invest actual money into your business.  There is not a business on earth that can be started and grown without the owner investing and risking money.  

That’s right, it’s a risk, you may never see it again.  

That, my friend, is how Capitalism works, you put your capital (money) at risk and work toward having it return a profit instead of a loss.

You’re going to need money for things like learning how to market, how to attract prospects, how to do the actual business, maybe some advertising, travel, products, accommodation. 

Don’t worry, you will get used to it, you will feel like your hand is in your pocket all the time.

Hey, the good part is, all your legit business expenses are tax deductible. (I’m not your accountant so this is not advice)

Killer 2

Business Killer 2: Emotional


I always caution about the myth of the “warm market”  it’s such garbage, spread by people who have no clue, no creative imagination and no professional technique.  

Every time I hear of a new Networker sent out to present to their friends and family I cringe.  

I can tell you exactly what will happen.  All their friends and family will say NO!

And worse they will ridicule them and tell them they are going to lose their money and they are in one of those “scam pyramid schemes”

Don’t work your warm market until you are a success...then they will come to you and ask more about your business.  

Remember; a prophet has no credence in his hometown.

If you ignore this advice and go off trying to recruit your friends and family you will suffer and maybe even have some of them unfriend you, stop inviting you to family events and you may lose friends.  

This will hurt you deeply and make you want to quit.

Killer 3

Business Killer 3: Pressure


If you get past the first 2 killers and get your business off the ground you’re eventually going to get hit with killer 3, pressure.

This can actually be the worst one of the three.

Pressure can come from your upline wanting you to do more volume, bring more people to the event, do more training downline, 

You might need to buy more products because some of your downline are having tough economic times and can’t afford to buy the monthly basic product to stay in good standing.  

The pressure can mount and weigh heavily on you, the need to keep recruiting, traveling, buying product, working your day time job, keeping peace in your family.  

It can be a real killer and cause you to quit when it all becomes too much.


As I said earlier, you’re not alone in these experiences, they happen to everyone.  Nobody evades them.  It’s part of the growth process and those who survive go on to the success they have dreamed of.  

This is why you hear leaders often talking about all you need to succeed is not to quit.  

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